Earth Melancholia

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This body of work reflects my intense reverence for nature, with an intention to highlight its beauty and sublime elements while imposing a feeling of disorientation and instability. This perspective is a reflection of the threatened state of our natural environment due to human footprint and climate change. The window for action on climate change is closing rapidly and calls for a new consciousness resulting in social and economic reforms. Using the transcendent properties of the Kantian Sublime, where one feels a boundlessness in nature, I hope to suggest that change in consciousness.

I am inspired by 19th century Romantic Landscape painters such as German painter Caspar David Friedrich who focused on beauty and the sublime in nature. American painters of the Hudson River School also inform my work. These painters such as Thomas Cole and Frederic Edwin Church were showing the world never before seen landscapes presented as something both beautiful, and disturbing with violent seas and angry storms, icebergs and mountains. The tension between fear and beauty was a prevalent element. That tension between fear and beauty also speaks to me in that the awe and wonder I feel in the natural world exists alongside the fear and dread of losing that world. By presenting a moment in nature through a distorted lens, as with an abstraction or a reflection, I intend to intensify that tension, hoping to bring an awareness to the collective shift in consciousness that needs to happen.