Recent Work

Hay Bales2024-06-21T15:52:39+00:00
Hay Bales by artist Lil Olive
Summer Solstice2024-06-21T15:29:49+00:00
Summer Solstice by Lil Olive 48x60
Fleurs du Mal2024-05-22T19:59:07+00:00
Fleurs du Mal by artist Lil Olive
Eclipse Day Jonquils2024-06-21T15:33:13+00:00
Eclipse Day Jonquils - Painting by Lil Olive
Sycamore Trees2024-04-01T20:26:27+00:00
Sycamore Trees by Lil Olive 64x54in
Frozen Cattails2024-02-28T19:14:08+00:00
Frozen Cattails by artist Lil Olive
Persimmon Tree2024-02-12T22:43:32+00:00
“Persimmon Tree,” 40x32 inches acrylic and oil on canvas by artist Lil Olive
Thistle on a Hill2024-01-23T20:53:13+00:00
Thistle on a Hill by artist Lil Olive
Oppenheimer 40x32 by Artist Lil Olive
Autumn Olive Amputee2024-01-23T20:51:55+00:00
Autumn Olive Amputee 20x16 by Artist Lil Olive
Rainbow Lake2023-08-29T21:50:50+00:00
Rainbow Lake by Lil Olive - 30 x 24 painting
What Remains2023-08-29T21:52:08+00:00
What Remains by Lil Olive - 40x32 painting
Forest Ghost 12023-06-15T18:55:22+00:00
Forest Ghost 1 - Lil Olive - 12.5”x12.5” acrylic and oil on wood panel
Forest Ghost 22023-06-15T19:02:57+00:00
Forest Ghost 2 by Lil Olive - 10”x10”acrylic and oil on wood panel
Forest Ghost 32023-06-15T19:02:45+00:00
Forest Ghost 3 by Lil Olive - 10”x10”acrylic and oil on wood panel
My Missouri Bouquet2023-04-14T13:55:51+00:00
My Missouri Bouquet by Lil Olive
Night Deer 52023-03-02T23:11:40+00:00
Night Deer 5 - 11x14 by Artist Lil Olive
Night Deer 42023-03-02T23:12:34+00:00
Night Deer 4 - 11x14 by Artist Lil Olive
Night Deer 32023-03-02T23:13:07+00:00
Night Deer 3 - 11x14 by Artist Lil Olive
Night Deer 22023-03-02T23:13:31+00:00
Night Deer 2 - 11x14 by Artist Lil Olive
Night Deer 12023-03-02T23:13:57+00:00
Night Deer 1 - 11x14 by Artist Lil Olive
Looking for Love2022-10-31T17:26:09+00:00
Looking for Love 48x60 by Lil Olive
End of Day2022-10-31T17:18:58+00:00
End of Day 55x48 by Lil Olive
Sunset Sunflower2022-10-24T14:06:00+00:00
Sunset Sunflower 40x30 by Lil Olive
Two Horses2023-03-28T20:27:21+00:00
Two Horses 36x48 acrylic and oil on canvas by Lil Olive
Shhhh 48x60 by Lil Olive
Coming 40x40 by Lil Olive
Not For Sale2022-10-24T14:07:33+00:00
Not For Sale 68x62 by Lil Olive
Spiderwort by Lil Olive
The Innocents2022-04-27T18:34:27+00:00
The Innocents by Lil Olive
No Filter2022-03-27T21:49:01+00:00
No Filter by Lil Olive
Nothing Matters But You2022-03-08T22:30:25+00:00
Nothing Matters But You by Lil Olive
Love Me2021-11-18T21:15:08+00:00
Love Me by Lil Olive
Wish You Were Here2021-10-25T22:52:15+00:00
Wish You Were Here by Lil Olive
We’re Fucked2021-10-25T22:46:39+00:00
We're Fucked by Lil Olive
Treat me Right2022-02-23T20:46:12+00:00
Treatme Right by Lil Olive
So Sorry For Your Loss2021-10-25T22:37:37+00:00
So Sorry For Your Loss by Lil Olive
Some Planet2021-10-25T22:34:35+00:00
Some Planet by Lil Olive 52x50 acrylic and oil on canvas
Evolve by Lil Olive
White Sky2021-06-21T17:43:46+00:00
While Sky by Lil Olive
Blue Sky2021-06-21T17:43:56+00:00
Blue Sky by Lil Olive
Sky Branch2021-06-21T17:44:03+00:00
Sky Branch by Lil Olive
Threshold by Lil Olive
Rediscovering America: The Six Grandfathers2021-05-19T16:35:00+00:00
Rediscovering America: The Six Grandfathers by Lil Olive
Rediscovering America: Niagara Falls2022-01-14T23:05:22+00:00
Rediscovering America: Niagra Falls
Rediscovering America: The Oxbow2021-05-19T16:35:17+00:00
Rediscovering America - The Oxbow by Lil Olive
Helios by Lil Olive
Dandelion by Lil Olive
Sunflowers by Lil Olive
Jupiter and Saturn2021-05-19T16:39:55+00:00
Lil Olive - Jupiter and Saturn
January Spring2021-05-19T16:39:13+00:00
JanuarySpring - Lil Olive
Lil Olive - Reflection
Lil Olive - Forest
Red-Winged Blackbird2021-05-19T16:37:13+00:00
Lil Olive - Red Winged Blackbird
Mountain Cloud2021-05-19T16:37:53+00:00
Lil Olive - Mountain Cloud
Cherry Tree2021-05-19T16:36:35+00:00
Lil Olive - Cherry Tree
Lil Olive - Lilies
Magnolia Cloud2021-05-19T16:38:13+00:00
Lil Olive - Magnolia Cloud