Midnight Rainbow

oil on canvas

Restless trees
a front coming in
my bed just a platform
to hold my body,which holds my head.
Rapid fires of what ifs
and how come
and fuck that!
A dark night of the soul
was called to order
by whom?
Like cosmos cotillion
a meeting of witches,
who scheduled this meeting?
Was it the trees?
Why don’t they pipe down!
So what, a front is coming in.
It’s shaking things up
a tornado somewhere,
a flood somewhere,
there’s always somebody somewhere,
having a terrible time.
You are safe
you are in your room
I tell myself, pipe down!
I squeeze my dog June
she squeals.
Remember this morning
when you saw the sun
reflected in the water
and all the colors of the rainbow
were radiating from it?
It looked like a huge butterfly wing
such a fragile thing
don’t touch!
If they lose those scales
they can’t fly
and they have to find a mate
before they die
which is soon.
Does the caterpillar
have consciousness
in the chrysalis?
Does it even know
it is changing?